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The Youth Apprenticeship program is a type of work experience offered at ETHS.  YA positions are paid position and students also earn credit while on the job. Students in this program must be taking a class associated with their apprenticeship placement and are required to complete more hours.  Each student in the program must be able to complete a skills checklist at the end of the program.  Students who successfully complete their program will be given a certificate of completion.  There are both one year and two year YA certificate programs. Select the link below for more information on YA programs.

YA Overview
Employer Resources

The Employer Handbook is designed to introduce employers to the requirements of the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Program. It is intended as a reference guide for those employers who have hired a youth apprentice and for those who are considering hiring a youth apprentice.

The Guide to Child Labor Laws provides information for employers, parents, and minors regarding employment regulations for all youth under 18 years of age.

Student Resources

To be eligible to participate in the YA program, students must meet a list of requirements outlined in the YA Student Application Steps.

Students can enroll as early as June of their sophomore year (2 year program) or June of their Junior year (1 year program).  

The requirements of the program must be completed by August 31st following high school graduation.

Prior to the apprenticeship, a training agreement must be completed by the student, employer, parent/guardian, and YA coordinator.  In addition, students must complete a student registration form.

YA Career Programs & Competencies

There are several career areas that are available through the Youth Apprenticeship program.  Each program area has required skills and different pathways to choose from.  For more information, select the following program areas (*=One Year, **=One or Two Years):

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