The Youth Apprenticeship program is a type of work experience offered at ETHS.  YA positions are paid position and students also earn credit while on the job. Students in this program must be taking a class associated with their apprenticeship placement and are required to complete more hours.  Each student in the program must be able to complete a skills checklist at the end of the program.  Students who successfully complete their program will be given a certificate of completion.  There are both one year and two year YA certificate programs. Select the link below for more information on YA programs.



East Troy High School students have many opportunities to learn about the world of work. In fact, the majority of high school students work sometime during their high school years. Students who participate in school supervised work-based learning have additional opportunities to learn employability skills, and with many programs, occupational skills related to their high school courses. School-supervised work-based learning reinforces for students the connection between work and school, provides a chance for meaningful contact with adults/mentors, improves their chances for successful employment as young adults, and helps solidify career interests.




GPS delivers a proven, innovative education model that prepares students for the technical workforce through accelerated, immersive learning.  Students spend each day fully immersed in blended learning that combines rigorous academics in small classes with structured training experiences that allow for the application of subject matter directly in the manufacturing environment.  Working alongside business mentors, this real-world experience supports career exploration and allows students to develop  employability skills.  Students earn a diploma and technical college credits that accelerate opportunities, placing them on a fast track to meaningful career pathway