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Department Overview

The technology education program focuses instruction on safety procedures and industry practices to provide our students with a foundational set of 21st Century Skills.  Students take courses to prepare them for technical or professional programs of higher education, such as STEM careers, engineering or architecture.

Certified Regional Pathway

ETHS has received a Regional Certification for the following pathway:

Architecture & Construction

Courses Offered

Architecture and Construction Cluster

  • Construction:  Materials and Processes

  • Construction Production*

  • Woods:  Furniture and Cabinet Construction

  • Drafting:  CAD1-2D

  • Drafting:  CAD2-3D

Manufacturing Cluster

  • Metals:  Materials and Processes

  • Metals:  Advanced*

STEM Cluster

  • How to Make Almost Anything in the Fab Lab

  • Design Thinking in the Fab Lab

  • Applied Engineering in the Fab Lab

  • Industrial Robotics and Programming

Transportation Cluster

  • Small Power Equipment

Industry Certifications

*Transcripted Credit courses with Gateway Technical College - Students earn high school credits and college credits at the same time by taking Gateway courses taught by qualified high school teachers, using the same textbooks and materials as Gateway.

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